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If what we say about this current but illegitimate administration makes you cry…we did our jobs well.

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By Christian Elliot

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Not all those who wander are lost.


Ever wonder why people are not asking the questions we are all thinking? We think people are afraid to hurt feelings, well screw your feelings! We grew up in the times where you had to grow a pair or get your ass kicked…and often. If you were raised in a house that disciplined you by counting to three…well this may offend you or even make you cry.

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Why are people so sensitive these days? The UnCensored Voice

Is this a generational thing? I grew up in the time where a cat and a mouse both tried to beat the crap out of each other… and enjoyed it, and were still friends. I grew up in the time where a sheep dog and a wolf were dire enemies and after work we to have a beer together, but these days the younger generation is too wimpy, sensitive, pansy-ass, and just plain bitches.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theuncensoredvoice/message
  1. Why are people so sensitive these days?
  2. In the news recently.
  3. Why are they such wimps?
  4. Roe v. Wade was Unconstitutional All Along
  5. An Angry Person With A Gun.

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We are fed up about the way this administration is running our country into the ground, and we are not afraid to speak up. So the podcast continues.

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